Transforming Gopalpur Industrial Park’s Online Presence with Redesign and Redevelopment of

ABOUT, a vibrant online gateway to Gopalpur Industrial Park by Tata Group. Explore the seamless blend of innovation and trust, offering businesses a strategic haven in Odisha, India. Uncover opportunities, connectivity, and growth within this dynamic multi-product Special Economic Zone.

The Challenge

Before the redesign, grappled with substantial challenges that impeded its effectiveness in showcasing the myriad offerings of Gopalpur Industrial Park. The outdated website design and navigation issues created a significant disconnect between the platform and the dynamic nature of the park. Users encountered difficulties accessing critical information about the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Domestic Tariff Area (DTA), hindering their understanding of GIP’s strategic advantages. The absence of a modern, responsive interface limited user engagement and failed to capture the attention of potential investors and businesses. Recognizing these obstacles, our mission was to comprehensively address these issues, transforming into a cutting-edge digital platform that aligns seamlessly with Tata Group’s commitment to leadership and trust.

What did Suyog Computech do?

Our team embarked on a comprehensive redesign and redevelopment initiative to address the challenges faced by Leveraging the robust capabilities of WordPress, we initiated a strategic overhaul, implementing a modern and responsive theme. Through meticulous information architecture restructuring, we optimized the website’s UX/UI, ensuring seamless navigation and user interaction. Custom post types, taxonomies, and advanced custom fields were employed to streamline content management, enabling efficient updates and dynamic data presentation. The incorporation of HTML5 and CSS3 ensured a visually appealing and interactive experience, complemented by strategically placed calls-to-action (CTAs). We integrated a geospatial element using Google Maps API, offering users an intuitive understanding of Gopalpur Industrial Park’s layout and amenities. Furthermore, responsive web design techniques were applied, ensuring optimal performance across devices and resolutions. These technical enhancements collectively elevated’s digital presence, aligning it with global standards and enhancing its resonance with potential investors and businesses.

The Results

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