Transforming Odisha’s Tourism Landscape with BookOdisha App and Website

about BookOdisha
Embark on a transformative journey with BookOdisha, the official app and website of Odisha Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. Explore the hidden gems of India’s Best Kept Secret effortlessly—book hotels, plan itineraries, and discover exclusive experiences—all in one place. Welcome to a new era in travel convenience.

The Challenge

Before the advent of BookOdisha, the tourism landscape in Odisha grappled with inefficiencies rooted in offline practices. Travelers faced a multitude of challenges, from cumbersome hotel bookings to the lack of a centralized information hub for planning itineraries. The absence of a unified platform led to confusion and inconvenience, hindering the seamless exploration of Odisha’s diverse cultural and natural offerings. Tourists were left at the mercy of fragmented services, struggling to secure reliable information, tickets to events, and efficient transportation. The disjointed approach to tourism not only deterred potential visitors but also posed hurdles for local service providers. Odisha needed a digital revolution to bridge these gaps and provide a unified, user-friendly solution for both tourists and the tourism industry.

What did Suyog Computech do?

Recognizing the intricate challenges within Odisha’s tourism, our team engineered a transformative solution in the form of BookOdisha. This all-encompassing platform, consisting of a user-friendly app and website, addresses the historical pitfalls faced by travelers. Offering centralized services like seamless hotel bookings, customizable holiday packages, event ticketing, and efficient vehicle rentals, BookOdisha is the brainchild of our team’s digital expertise. Employing advanced technologies such as Angular 15, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, jQuery, Laravel 8, and PHP 7.4, supported by MySQL 5.7, ensures a responsive user interface. Our team’s tech prowess not only simplifies travel for tourists but also uplifts local businesses, reshaping Odisha’s tourism narrative. With BookOdisha, our team proudly champions a digital revolution, setting the stage for a more accessible and vibrant tourism experience in the heart of India’s Best Kept Secret.

The Results

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