Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization, expertly executed by Suyog Computech, revitalizes outdated systems, leveraging Salesforce's prowess to enhance efficiency, scalability, and user experience.

Why Choose Legacy Modernization Services By Suyog?

Leverage Suyog Computech’s unparalleled expertise in Legacy Modernization, an intricate process where our adept technical specialists adeptly navigate the complex intricacies of outdated systems. With our mastery of Salesforce’s cutting-edge capabilities, we seamlessly orchestrate the transition from antiquated monoliths to dynamic microservices architectures. By harnessing cloud-native paradigms, DevOps methodologies, and containerization, we ensure a resilient, scalable, and agile ecosystem. Our data-driven approach, coupled with meticulous API integration and CI/CD pipelines, guarantees accelerated time-to-market and enhanced user experience. Trust us for an avant-garde Legacy Modernization journey that empowers your enterprise with unwavering innovation and future-ready infrastructure.

End-to-End Overhaul

Suyog Computech pioneers comprehensive Legacy Modernization, orchestrating seamless migration of legacy monoliths to microservices architecture, augmenting operational efficiency, and fostering innovation.

Data Safeguarding

Upholding robust data governance, we implement end-to-end encryption, access controls, and GDPR-compliant protocols, ensuring data sovereignty and integrity during Legacy Modernization, from extraction to transformation.

Dynamic Scalability

Our cloud-native ethos and Kubernetes-based microservices architecture afford elastic scalability, facilitating rapid provisioning, auto-scaling, and container orchestration for dynamic resource allocation and performance optimization.

Persistent Support

Beyond migration, our DevOps-centric model guarantees continuous integration and deployment, proactive monitoring with AIOps insights, and swift incident resolution, fortifying system robustness, and longevity.

Our Legacy Modernization solution frees your focus for strategic innovations

Embrace our Legacy Modernization service, intricately harmonized with managed IT solutions. Liberate from operational complexities, channeling attention towards strategic innovations. Harness microservices and cloud-native paradigms for amplified business agility, empowered by resilient migration strategies and optimized system architecture.

Advanced solutions propelling Legacy
Modernization efficiency.

Unleash the potential of Legacy Modernization through our cutting-edge IT tools. Elevate system performance as we deploy advanced solutions, optimizing workflows and enhancing functionality for transformative IT outcomes.

Enhanced Scalability

Leverage microservices architecture for elastic resource allocation, enabling seamless scalability and dynamic workloads.

Agile DevOps Integration

Seamlessly integrate DevOps practices, accelerating software delivery, and ensuring continuous deployment.

Data-driven Insights

Utilize AI-driven analytics, extracting actionable insights from legacy data reservoirs, enhancing decision-making.

Cloud-native Agility

Embrace cloud-native paradigms, ensuring rapid provisioning, auto-scaling, and optimal resource utilization.

API-driven Connectivity

Establish robust API integrations, fostering seamless connectivity between legacy and modern systems.

Secure Migration

Employ encryption, access controls, and compliance measures, safeguarding data integrity during migration.

Reduced TCO

Optimize infrastructure costs through efficient resource allocation, minimizing Total Cost of Ownership


Architect adaptable solutions, future-proofing against technological shifts, ensuring sustained relevance and competitive edge.


Our Process Flowchart

Legacy code Analysis

A thorough analysis of legacy code is conducted using static analysis tools, evaluating technical debt and identifying code smells. Prioritization is based on business impact and system criticality, informed by a comprehensive risk assessment to guide subsequent strategic planning. This phase lays the foundation for a targeted and efficient modernization approach.

Strategic Planning

It involves defining a modernization strategy, choosing among reengineering, refactoring, or re-platforming. A phased migration roadmap is developed to minimize business disruption, establishing key performance indicators for tracking success and progress throughout the modernization process. This strategic roadmap serves as a guidepost for the entire modernization journey.

Code Refactoring

It encompasses the implementation of modularization using microservices architecture. Design patterns like Dependency Injection are introduced for enhanced scalability, while continuous integration and automated testing play pivotal roles in ensuring code quality and reliability during the refactoring process. This stage fosters agility and maintainability in the evolving codebase.

Data Migration

A detailed schema analysis is performed for database modernization, and Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tools are employed for seamless data migration. Validation processes ensure data integrity and consistency, facilitating a smooth transition to the updated system. This meticulous migration approach safeguards against data corruption and loss.

Integration of Emerging Tech

Incorporating APIs for enhanced interoperability and implementing containerization, such as Docker, to improve deployment and scalability. The exploration of serverless computing optimizes resource utilization, introducing innovative technologies into the modernized system architecture. This integration future-proofs the system against evolving technological landscapes.

Testing and Deployment

Comprehensive system testing, including unit, integration, and regression testing, ensuring the stability and reliability of the modernized system. Deployment strategies like blue-green or canary deployment minimize downtime, and post-deployment performance is rigorously monitored for continuous optimization. This meticulous testing and deployment process ensures a seamless transition and ongoing system excellence.
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