Addyasa Mahapatra

Addyasa Mahapatra, the accomplished CEO of Suyog Computech, has distinguished herself as a formidable leader in the SAAS sector within an impressive three-year tenure. Her strategic acumen and unwavering commitment to excellence have garnered esteemed recognition, including the prestigious STPI Awards for Leading Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2023. Notably, the E & IT Department of the Government of Odisha bestowed upon her the distinguished Emerging Lady Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 Award, underscoring her significant contributions to the industry.

Under her guidance, Suyog Computech has achieved notable success, solidifying its position as an industry leader in innovation and service delivery. Her ability to navigate complexities with resilience and foresight has not only steered the company to new heights but has also set a benchmark for professionalism and vision in the technology landscape. Addyasa Mahapatra stands as an exemplar of leadership, embodying the values of excellence and strategic foresight in the dynamic realm of SAAS.

“The role of a CEO goes beyond being a job; it’s a genuine calling. It should not be seen as just an occupation but rather embraced with a sincere fusion of intellect and emotion, marked by a spirit of innovation.”
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