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Library Management System

Library Management System is carefully developed for easy management of any type of library. It is actually a virtual version of a real library. It’s a web based system where you can manage books of different categories, manage members of different types and manage issue/return of books easily. Issuing a book to a member is just a matter of a click. There are configurations for day limit to keep a book and also managing penalty system. LMS will be an efficient and intelligent companion for managing your library.


  • Member management (member types and members)
  • Book management (book categories and books)
  • Circulation management (circulation settings and issue & return books to/from members)
  • Notify members by SMS or Email (several SMS and Email API integration)
  • Requested books by members (accept or reject requests)
  • Daily read books (list of books which are being read everyday)
  • Report (fine report and notification report)
  • Online read facility (PDF)
  • Advanced book search
  • View circulation history
  • View notifications from admin